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Explore the yoga classes that I am passionate about teaching. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga helps us unwind and relax, while still experiencing the benefits of Hatha yoga asanas (poses). 

In Restorative yoga you are fully supported by props such as blankets and bolsters, so that you can completely relax into the pose. 

Restorative yoga is active relaxation that is easy, comfortable, steady and stable.  The practice lengthens, slows and cools the body.  The aim is for you to be 100% comfortable. 

Poses are held for about 5 - 10 minutes.  Slow, deep breathing during the practice engages our relaxation response to kick in - that's our Rest and Digest response.

Most poses are done seated, kneeling or laying on your yoga mat. 

Wear comfortable, warm clothing.   


I guide people through both Mindfulness meditations, and Guided Visualisation meditations.

Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation (MBSM) is simply, being in the present moment, being aware, and being in stillness.  Stilling your mind does not mean you stop thinking or reacting.  What it means is you silence your inner critic, the mindless chatter that goes on inside your head every day.  MBSM is simple and profound, but not easy.  

Guided Visualisation will help to expand your imagination, as you begin to pay more attention to the present moment and to the environment surrounding you.  By expanding your awareness you further awaken your conscious mind.  Guided meditations can be extremely powerful during times of recovery, especially when used post surgery.  

Meditation is best practiced seated. 

Wear warm and comfortable clothing, and bring along your own meditation cushion if you prefer. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, referred to as Yogic Sleep, is an extremely restful practice that takes you somewhere inbetween being awake and being asleep.  It is a sacred practice of deep conscious rest. 

It is a profoundly simple, yet powerful practice.  We set a Sankulpa, an intention, that is carried through our consciousness throughout the class.  We work through the senses and bring forth and begin clearing Samskaras (habits, patterns and mental obstacles that stop us from being our true selves and living our best lives)

Yoga Nidra is practiced laying down, in Savasana pose with blankets and optional eye pillows. 

Wear warm comfortable clothes.  It can be lovely to have a pair of socks to put on to keep your feet warm.  

Yoga for Breast Cancer Support

Research studies tell us that yoga has been found to reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep quality, improve outlook and quality of life, in people recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment. 

Our 8 Week Programs have been specifically designed to meet the varying needs of all people going through, or recovering from, treatment. 

Classes include movements that gently build strength and openness in your upper body, while improving stability in your lower body.  In each class we will practice pranayama (breathwork), mudras (hand gestures) and meditations - these have been found to be extremely powerful tools to use during your treatment and recovery.   

Classes are versatile and you are welcome to stand or sit, or lay down, as needed at any time. 

Wear comfortable and warm clothing to class.  

*It is important that your doctor is aware that you are considering beginning a yoga class.  It is important for me to know what type of breast cancer you have and what treatments you are having, or have had. 

Gentle Yoga

A gentle Hatha yoga practice that focuses on a Pawanmuktasana sequence (a yoga sequence to free and mobilise your joints), as well as yoga asanas (poses) that help you build strength and balance, and improve flexibility.  

Each class includes pranayama (breathwork) and mindfulness practices, and resting poses, as well as the more active component of moving the body.

As we age it is so important to keep our minds and bodies active with a gentle yoga practice.

This class includes sitting, laying, standing and kneeling postures. While some adjustments can be made to accommodate certain limitations, please call us before booking in if you have any concerns. 

No need for the latest yoga gear.  Wear clothes that allow you to move easily, and fit well so that your top keeps you covered in a forward fold.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet.  Bring along socks for final relaxation. 

Yoga for Menopause Support

Yoga allows us to experience profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits and this is no different once we start going through menopause and beyond.  

Gentle Hatha poses that are restorative and supportive, along with meditation and pranayama (breathwork) have been scientifically shown to alleviate the many symptoms we women experience during this time of great change.  

This class has been designed especially to help you work through and deal with hot flushes, anxiety, and stabilise hormonal fluctuations.  Yoga can help you reduce stress and minimise any physical discomfort you may be feeling. 

While our Over 50's yoga class also addresses some of these concerns, the Yoga for Menopause Support class is tailored specifically for a woman's changing needs. 

Come dressed in clothes that allow you to move freely.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet.  Bring along socks for the relaxation poses. 


Mindfulness Meditations for your well-being


Enjoy some much-needed time-out with a 2 minute, 10 minute and 20 minute practice to suit you availability.





Yoga for your well-being

Let me start by stating what yoga is not.  It is not gymnastics, a fitness regime, nor a competition with yourself or others.

Yoga is about being at peace and content with yourself, and finding your inner flow, your spark, your purpose, through asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, mudras (gestures), bandhas (contractions that form locks in the body), chanting, and yogic philosophy.

Yoga is transformation. 

Once you develop a regular yoga practice amazing things will begin to happen to you.  Physically you will notice that you become stronger, you gain some muscle definition, you feel more stable and balanced, your posture improves and you become more flexible.

You will also cultivate awareness of your mental and psychological well-being.  Apart from the physical benefits, I noticed profound changes to my mental health.  My outlook on life changed, I am better able to deal with my emotions, cope better with stress, anxiety and grief, and I have such feelings of gratitude and peace within my soul.

I truly believe that if everyone developed a regular yoga practice the world would be a much calmer place.

I invite you to join me on the mat.

Om Shanti.


"I love and really enjoy Silva's yoga classes. She clearly cares deeply about her students and encourages each person to achieve their best in a calming no-pressure way, both physically and spiritually.
Previous teachers/classes have been difficult for me - perhaps due to limitations caused by health issues - and left me disillusioned about yoga, but Silva's has been the only class in which I have felt truly comfortable and yet noticed subtle improvements week to week"

Helen Marston

"Thank you Silva for the wonderful healing session of restorative and mindful yoga one to one that I enjoyed with you this week.  I found it a spiritually calming and gentle exercise time where I was able to feel supported and still enjoy all the benefits of yoga whist I heal from a recent injury.  I am thankful for the extra care you took with my session, and the modifications to poses that allowed me to practice with you confidently.  One-to-one sessions are so beneficial for a personalised programme I feel honoured that you have taken the time to do this for me, thank you so much"

Jane Whitelock



I wanted to unwind and relax without medication. I noticed with age my limbs were tightening and becoming less flexible. I understood that post menopausal women lost bone density and muscle strength.
I found my solution with Healing Through Yoga. It was the personal, one on one guidance that convinced me that Silva could help me.
The peaceful environment at Balnarring encouraged me to return after my complimentary lesson. Silva was engaging but respects individual limitations without criticism. Her non judgmental guidance creates a relaxed and uncompetitive class.
I look forward to yoga each Tuesday. A country drive to share time with a nurturing friend which leaves me relaxed and refreshed.
I strongly recommend Healing Through Yoga.

Sue Presswell

Thank you Silva for bringing your gentle and compassionate yoga classes for the over 50s to Boneo on the Mornington Peninsula. You have such a lovely graceful style and way of teaching us. You ensure we are always safe in our practice and it is clear you personally care about the wellbeing of your students. Thank you for these wonderful classes.

Robyn Kirby


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